22-27 Sep 2014 Strasbourg (France)


Welcome to BLS5 website.

The 5th International Bio-Logging Science Symposium (BLS5) is scheduled to be held on 22-26 September 2014 in Strasbourg, France.

Following on from four very successful earlier symposia in Japan, UK, USA and Australia, BLS5 aims to attract a wide range of researchers who use animal-attached electronic devices to study aquatic, terrestrial and aerial species, and their habitats. The term 'bio-logging' is interpreted broadly, encompassing not only logger-based technologies but also cutting-edge telemetry applications, as well as innovative systems using passive tags. The scientific scope of BLS5 is similarly broad, with the four themes being ordered by biological topic, rather than habitat or taxonomic group:

A. Ecology and Environment (+)

B. Behaviour and Behavioural Ecology (+)

C. Physiology and Medicine (+)

D. Around Bio-logging (+)

The organizing committee is looking forward to welcoming you in Strasbourg.

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