22-27 Sep 2014 Strasbourg (France)

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Please contact the workshop organisers directly if you would like to participate. 

September 24 (Wed) morning at Palais des Congres

WS1: Body temperature measurement in free ranging animals (Dominic McCafferty, Andreas Nord, Susan Gallon) Room size: 48

WS2: How can bio-logging advance our understanding of flight? (Emily Shepard & Olivier Duriez) Room size: 400

WS3: A picture is worth a thousand words: bio-logging as a tool for collecting video footage and still images of animal behaviour (David Grémillet, Akinori Takahashi, Amélie Lescroël & Christian Rutz) Room size: 94

WS4: Wildlife Satellite Telemetry (Bernie McConnell, Kim Holland & Melinda Holland) Room size: 60

September 27 (Sat) at CNRS Cronenbourg campus

WS5: Variability in the movement patterns of marine predator populations: physiological, behavioural and environmental drivers. A CLIOTOP WG2 workshop (Karen Evans, Rory Wilson & Elliott Hazen) Room size: 18 (CLOSED)

WS6: Linking marine predator behavior to prey fields (Jamie Womble & Mary-Anne Lea) Room size: 120

WS7: Making tags work (Mark Johnson & Bernie McConnell) Room size: 36 (CLOSED)

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